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Open Access Policy

All the Published articles By the International Journal of Pharmaceutics and Drug Analysis (IJPDA) are available Worldwide Under the Open Access Policy. As per the Budapest Open Access Initiative, Readers can Directly Access Published articles without paying any subscription or access fees. Readers are allowed to read, download, copy and distribute the full text of all published articles, and readers can Utilize the published article for Non-Commercial Purpose. International Journal of Pharmaceutics and Drug Analysis (IJPDA) is officially Published by the South Asian Academic Publications (SAAP). South Asian Academic Publications (SAAP) is not having any funding resources, to overcome the Financial Crises, for this reason, SAAP Collects the Processing fees from the Authors for IJPDA Journal Maintenance, Hosting, and Production of Manuscripts.

Article Submission Charges: Submission of an article is Free

Article Publication Charges:  Authors from India 3000 INR, and authors from Rest in India 100 USD

Note: Acceptance is made upon Editors and Reviewer Decision. IJPDA strictly follows the plagiarism policy.

Policies for Advertisement: doesn't host (or) Introduce any type of Advertisements.

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