Colon Targeted Drug Delivery System: A Review


  • Godge G.R P.D.V.V.P.F’S College of Pharmacy, Vilad Ghat, Ahmednagar-414111, India*
  • Hiremath S.N. PRES’S College of Pharmacy, a/p Chincholi, Sinnar, Nashik-422101, India.


Crohn’s disease, carcinomas, bioavailability, vaccine delivery, oral application


The oral route is considered to be most convenient for the administration of drugs to patients. After oral administration of conventional dosage drug normally dissolves in the stomach fluid or intestinal fluid and is absorbed from these regions of the GIT. Absorption depends upon the physicochemical properties of the drug. It is a serious drawback in conditions where localized delivery of the drugs in the colon is required or in conditions where a drug needs to be protected from the hostile environment of upper GIT. Oral delivery of drugs to the colon is valuable in the treatment of diseases of colon (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease,
carcinomas and infections) whereby high local concentration can be achieved while minimizing side effects that occur because of release of drugs in the upper GIT or unnecessary systemic absorption. The colon is rich in lymphoid tissue, uptake of antigens into the mast cells of the colonic mucosa produces rapid local production of antibodies and this helps in efficient vaccine delivery. The colon is attracting interest as a site where poorly absorbed drug molecule may have an improved bioavailability. Colon is recognized as having a somewhat less hostile environment with less diversity and intensity of activity than the stomach and small
intestine. Additionally, the colon has a longer retention time and appears highly responsive to agents that enhance the absorption of poorly absorbed drugs. Apart from retarding or targeting dosage forms, a reliable colonic drug delivery could also be an important starting position for the colonic absorption of per-orally applied, undigested, unchanged and fully active peptide drugs. As the large intestine is relatively free of peptidases such special delivery systems will have a fair chance to get their drug sufficiently absorbed after per oral application.


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