Understanding menopause-postmenopausal complications, management and quality of life


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Menopause, quality of life, postmenopausal women, complications


Menopause is a commonly occurring transition that all women go through with advancing age. The permanent cessation of menstruation is defined as natural menopause it happens with the termination of a woman’s final menstrual period. Variations in race and ethnicity may be a reason for different menopausal onsets in women which may also be affected by lifestyle and demographic factors. A negative effect on the common health and quality of life (QOL) as well as the contentment of middle-aged women may occur due to Menopause and associated biological changes. From one individual to another, symptoms of menopause and their severity differ due to the effects of different factors such as social status, lifestyle, psychological status, and body composition. QOL in women may be diminished due to Menopausal symptoms, mostly sexual and vasomotor symptoms.


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