Formulation and Invitro evaluation of immediate release tablets containing febuxostat


  • Srikumar Billa Department of Pharmaceutics, M.L. College of Pharmacy, S. Konda-523101.
  • Saibabu Ch Head , Department of Pharmaceutics, M.L. College of Pharmacy, S. Konda-523101.
  • T.Malyadri Assistant professor, , Department of Pharmaceutics, M.L. College of Pharmacy, S. Konda-523101.



Febuxostat, CCS, Lycoat, Crospovidone


In the present research work, Febuxostat Immediate Release Tablet was prepared by direct compression method using varying concentrations of Lycoat, Crospovidone& Croscarmellose sodium as disintegrants. The formulations prepared were evaluated for precompression& post-compression parameters. From the drug excipient compatibility studies, we observe that there are no interactions between the pure drug (Febuxostat) and optimized formulation (Febuxostat+ excipients) which indicates there are no physical changes. Post compression parameters were found to be within the limits. Among the formulation prepared the tablet containing 12mg of CCS shows 98.13% of the drug release within 45 min & follows first-order kinetics.


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