Formulation and evaulation of triazolam odts by direct compression forselection & optimization of super disintegrates


  • Sudhakar Kancharla Director Clinical Laboratory, Devansh Lab Werks,234, Aquarius Drive, Homewood, Alabama, USA-3520.
  • Prachetha Kolli Scientist, Microgen Health Inc, 14225,Sullyfield Cir Suite E, Chantilly, VA, USA-2015.
  • Dr.K.Venkata Gopaiah Associate Professor, St. Mary’s College of Pharmacy, Chebrolu, Guntur-A.P-522 212-India



Triazolam, Oral Disintegrating


Oral Disintegrating Tablets of Triazolam were formulated with an aim to improve the versatility, patient compliance, and accurate dosing. The formulations ere developed with an objective to use by the pediatric and geriatric patients. Triazolam Oral Disintegrating Tablets were prepared by direct compression method using cross povidone, croscarmellose sodium, sodium starch  glycolate and combinations of CP+CCS, and CP + SSG as super disintegrates exhibited good pre-formulation and tableting properties of three super disintegrates, the formulation contained combination of CP + CCS showed better performance in terms of disintegration time when compared to other formulations. Order of the super disintegrates activity is as follows.

(CP + CCS) > (CP + SSG) > CP > CCS >SSG

The formulation F15 was found to be the best among all twenty Triazolam ODT formulations because it has exhibited faster disintegration time (17.66 sec) when compared to the other formulations and it showed 99.87±0.18% drug release at the end of 25 min. Triazolam Oral Disintegrating Films were prepared by solvent casting method using different grades of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose like HPMC – E15, HPMC – 5cps, HPMC – 50cps. Based on disintegration and dissolution results it was concluded that the formulation F15 contained CP 5% + CCS 5% was the best formulation among all otherformulations.


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