Pharmacological Importance of Chromolaena odorata: a review


  • Angitha Ajay Department of Pharmacology, Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy
  • Rupesh Kumar M Department of Pharmacology, Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy
  • Shamal Badhusha PA Department of Pharmacology, Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy
  • Abhishek K Department of Pharmacology, Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy,
  • Sanjay K Gowda Department of Pharmacology, Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy
  • Ramesh B Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy, Adichunchanagiri University, B. G Nagara, Mandya-571448, India.



Chromolaena odorata, Ethanopharmacological activities, Phytoconstiuents


Chromolaena odorata (Asteraceae) is commonly referred to as Siam Weed, a major medicinal plant found in tropical Asia, Australia, and West Africa. The medicinal use of Chromolaena odorata had been documented in the conventional system such as the Siddha, Unani, Ayurveda. The pharmacological properties of this plant are widely varying. A wide variety of attractive but limited compounds were extracted from this Chromolaena odorata and the pharmacological  activities   were   screened   out.   This   review   the   various   properties  of Chromolaena odorata and focus on its various medicinal properties. It is an attractive subject for further experimental and clinical investigations. This article will give an exhaustive summary and analysis of Chromolaena odorata pharmacological activities. The present article including the detailed exploration of pharmacological properties of C. odorata is an attempt to provide a direction for further research.


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