In-vitro screening of antihelmintic and antibacterial activity of malvastrum coromandelianum leaves


  • Tirupathi Rao Annavarapu SIMS College of Pharmacy, Mangaldas Nagar, Guntur,Andhra Pradesh.
  • Pragna Malavika B NOVA College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research,Jupudi,Andhra Pradesh.
  • Aravinda Swami P SIMS College of Pharmacy, Mangaldas Nagar, Guntur,Andhra Pradesh.



Antibacterial, Anthelmintic, Malvastrum coromandelianum, Gentamycin, Albendazole


The main objective of the work is to investigate the antithelmintic and antibacterial activity of the Malvastrumcoromandelianum leaves. The extract was tested for antithelmintic activity against adult Indian earthworm and also tested for antibacterial activity against the gram positive bacteriaS.aureus,B.subtilis and gram negative bacteria against E.Coli, P.aerugenosa, P.putida.The anthelmintic activity was observed at 100mg/ml with reference to standardAlbendazole(10mg/ml).The maximum antibacterial activity was observed in S.aureus at 500mg/ml with of zone of inhibition17 mm and next is S.aureus, the best antibacterial activity was observed against P.aerugenosa and P.putidawith 15 mm of zone of inhibition. The zone of inhibition of extract was compared with standard Gentamycin 25 µg/ml. The extract shows significant activity against the other bacterial pathogens. From the results, it was concluded that the ethanolic extract of Malvastrumcoromandelianum leaves have anthelmintic and antibacterial activity.


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