Case report on hypoglycemia induced seizures


  • Syam Prashanth Peddada Department of Pharmacy Practice, Avanthi institute of pharmaceutical sciences
  • Jyotsna Allamsetty Department of Pharmacy Practice, Avanthi institute of pharmaceutical sciences
  • Simhavalli Godavarthi Department of Pharmacy Practice, Avanthi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Tagarapuvalasa, Andhrapradesh.
  • Indu Matla GIET School of Pharmacy, Chaitanya Knowledge City, Rajamahendravaram, , Andhrapradesh.
  • Lokesh Sirasana Department of Pharmacy Practice, NOVA College of Pharmacy Andhrapradesh.



Hypoglycemia, seizures, coma


This case report is mainly about neurological symptoms in relationship to hypoglycemia. Some of the symptoms of neuroglycopenic are cognitive impairment, behavioral changes, psychomotor abnormalities, weakness, seizures, and coma. Normally coma is the dominating neurological symptom in hypoglycemia and seizures are rare manifestations. So it may be overlooked when the patient admitted due to seizures by the hypoglycemia. Seizures may be associated due to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia because abnormal blood glucose is seen in daily clinical practice.


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