Nano emulsion of Kojic acid and Tetrahydro curcumin formulation for hyperpigmentation


  • Venkata Ravella Akorn Pharmaceuticals, New Jersey, USA


Kojic acid, Tetrhydro curcumin, Nanoemlsion, Homogenization, Diffusion study, Globule size


The objective of the study was to prepare and evaluate nanoemulsion of Kojic acid and Tetrahydro curcumin formulation for hyperpigmentation using oil in water emulsion. Nanotechnology concepts are useful for damaged skin treatment. The carrier system helps to load the active ingredients to the targeted area efficiently. The nanoemulsion is a carrier system which consists of oil and water stabilized by a surfactant produced by high or low or both energy emulsification. It is considered to be the most advanced nanoparticulate system for cosmeceutical uses because it involves submicron sizes ranging from 0.020 to 0.200 um which can penetrate into deep skin cells easily. The different formulations were prepared using Kojic acid, Tetrahydro curcumin, Oliv oil, Edetate disodium, Glycerin, Sorbic acid, carbomer, Transcutol P, Glycerin, Orange essential oil and Tween 80, Purified water.The mean nanoemlsion globule size between 0.020 um-0.200 um. In vitro diffusion studies performed. Experiment 3 showed the better drug diffusion release. Experiment 3 was the optimized formulation. The Kojic acid drug diffusion release was 29.9% and Tetrahydro curcumin drug diffusion release was 29.3%. As per FDA guide lines diffusion study release should not exceed 30%. The globule size was determined by zetasizer. The stability studies were carried out foe a 90 days at 40±2°C and 75±5% RH. Stability studies indicated that Kojic acid and Tetrhydro curcumin nanoemulsion was stable.


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