A Randomised Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial Of Cantharis Vesicato-ria In The Management Of Urinary Tract Infection


  • Geeta B Adi Assisrant Professor, Department of Repertory, Bharatesh homoeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, India.
  • Basavaraj S Adi Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy, Bharatesh homoeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, India
  • Siva Rami Reddy E Faculty of Homoeopathy, Tantia University, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India.


Randomised double blind placebo controlled trial, urinary tract infection, Cantharis vesicatoria


Aim: A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a collective term for infections that involve any part of the urinary tract. It is one of the most common infections in local primary care. The incidence of UTIs in adult males aged less than 50 years is low, with adult women being 30 times more likely than men to develop a UTI. Appropriate classification of UTI into simple or complicated forms guides its management and the ORENUC classification can be used. Diagnosis of a UTI is based on a focused history, with appropriate investigations depending on individual risk factors.

Methods: 30 patients in treatment group took Cantharis vesicatoria; whereas the patients in placebo group took placebo mother tincture for 6 months. The urinary tract infection of the patients was evaluated at baseline, and 6 months of the clinical trial.

Results: The final results showed that Cantharis vesicatoria significantly p value 0.05. No serious side effect was reported for Cantharis vesicatoria administration. Therefore, Cantharis vesicatoria could be considered as a supplement for treatment of urinary tract infection.


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