Formulation And Evaluation Of Fast Dissolving Tablets By Addition Of Different Concentra-tions Of Superdisintegrant And By Effervescent Technology.


  • S.Muralidhar Vikas Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nidigatla, Rajahmundry-533102.
  • T.V.Narayana Vikas Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nidigatla, Rajahmundry-533102.
  • Ch.S.Phani Kumar Vikas Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nidigatla, Rajahmundry-533102.
  • Mahajan Anil Arun Dr. H. L. T. College of Pharmacy, Kengal, Channapatna-571502.


Ketoprofen, Solid dispersion, Fast dissolving Tablets, Superdisintigrant, Effervescence Technology


Ketoprofen is NSAID drug used for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The major problem with this drug is very low solubility in biological fluids. Therefore solid dispersion of Ketoprofen with PVP K30 in different weight ratios were prepared to increase its water solubility. The solid dispersions were evaluated by solubility study, drug content, in-vitro drug release, dissolution efficiency and characterized by FT-IR. The Ketoprofen SD with PVP K30 (1:4) ratio showed maximum amount of drug release it was selected for Fast Dissolving Tablet formulation. The Tablets were prepared by by addition of different concentrations of superdisintigrant and By Effervescence Technology, The tablets were evaluated for Pre-Compression and Post-Compression Studies, among all the formulations F5 showed least disintegration time and 99.60% of drug release in 20 minutes. Stability study of F5 was carried out at 400c and 75% RH for three months. it confirms there is no significant change in the formulation.


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