Cognition improving potentials of aqueous extract of roots of Asparagus adscendens Roxb. in mice


  • Hanumanthachar Joshi Department of Postgraduate studies and Research Division of Pharmacognosy and Photochemistry Sarada Vilas College of Pharmacy, K. M. Puram, Mysore-04, Karnataka, India
  • Majed Abdo Alkanad Department of Postgraduate studies and Research Division of Pharmacognosy and Photochemistry Sarada Vilas College of Pharmacy, K. M. Puram, Mysore-04, Karnataka, India
  • Charan C S Department of Postgraduate studies and Research Division of Pharmacognosy and Photochemistry Sarada Vilas College of Pharmacy, K. M. Puram, Mysore-04, Karnataka, India


Acetyl cholinesterase, Asparagus adscendens, Amnesia, Memory, Scopolamine


The present study involves investigations on the  nootropic activity of aqueous extract of dried roots of Asparagus adscendens Roxb. (AAR) in mice. Elevated plus maze and water maze were the models used for testing learning and memory. Scopolamine (0.4 mg/kg, i.p.) and natural aging induced amnesia  were the interocpetive behavioral models. Piracetam (200 mg/kg, ip) was used as standard drug. AAR (50 and 100 mg/kg, p.o.) significantly attenuated amnesic deficits induced by scopolamine and natural aging. AAR found to increase whole brain acetyl cholinesterase inhibition activity in mice. Aqueous extract of A. adscendens can be useful in treatment of preliminary symptoms of dementia in elderly.


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