Qualitative And Quantitative Estimation Of Gallic Acid In Rohitakarishta Formulation


  • Vaishali Argade Department of Quality Assurance Techniques (PG), Pravara Rural Education Society’s, Institute of Pharmacy LoniKd.,Dist-Ahemadnagar, Maharashtra, India
  • Yogesh Thombare Department of Quality Assurance Techniques (PG), Pravara Rural Education Society’s, Institute of Pharmacy LoniKd.,Dist-Ahemadnagar, Maharashtra, India


Rohitakarishta, FT-IR, HPTLC, UV method development


Rohitakarishta is one of the Ayurvedic polyherbal formulation mentions in Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeias, which protect against anemia, spleen and liver disorders. The qualitative estimation of Gallic acid from Rohitakariasta formulation was done by using IR, HPTLC techniques and result stated the significant presence of Gallic acid in Rohitakarishta formulation.  The suitability of UV method for quantitative determination was proved by validation as per ICH Q2B guidelines.The quality assessment of Rohitakarishta for total microbial content was also analyzed as per WHO guidelines and shows greater therapeutic efficacy.


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