Underlying mechanisms of Anticancer Coumarins: An overview


  • Astha Sharma Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, A.S.B.S.J.S.M. College of Pharmacy, Bela, 140111(Punjab), India
  • Monika Gupta Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, A.S.B.S.J.S.M. College of Pharmacy, Bela, 140111(Punjab), India


Coumarin, benzopyrones, anticancer


Coumarin derivatives either natural or synthetic have become an interesting subject of investigation for many researchers due to their wide range of biological activities. Coumarin scaffold has been reported to have inhibitory effect on number of cell lines serving as a pharmacophore of utmost importance for anticancer drug development.  Action of coumarins on tumour cells is being exhibited via different mechanisms and some of them have been reported to possess high selectivity towards the cancer cell lines. In present work, the role of coumarins as potential anticancer drugs has been briefly reviewed which can serve as an excellent tool for future investigations on design and synthesis of such derivatives.


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