Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method For Simultaneous De-termination Of Rosuvastatin And Clopidogrel In Tablet Dosage Form


  • Harshana Rothekar Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry, Siddhivinayak College of pharmacy, Warora, Maharashtra, India.
  • Roshan Telrandhe Kamla Nehru college of pharmacy, Butibori, Nagpur 441108, Maharashtra, India.
  • Prasad Jumade Department of pharmaceutical chemistry, Agnihotri College of pharmacy, Wardha, Maharashtra, India


RP HPLC, Rosuvastatin calcium, Clopidogrel bisulphate, Simultanious estimation, validation


The aimed of research the method development and validation by RP-HPLC method of the Rosuvastatin calcium and Clopidogrel bisulphate. The method is a simple, accurate, specific, precise, reproducible and sensitive. The ? max of ROSU and CLOP was found to be 240nm. Coefficient correlation 0.999, Beer’s Law limit 50-150 µg/ml, from the four trial of different concentration of mobile phase was selected Methanol:Water 80:20 v/v, pH 3.0 at 240nm, flow rate 1ml/min, sample inlet 20 µL, C 18 Prontosil, %RSD of ROSU 1.017 and CLOP 0.173, theoretical plates ROSU 7797.53 and ROSU 8257.53, Retention time ROSU 3.483min and CLOP 4.983min, Tailing factor ROSU 1.1787 and CLOP 1.074, limits 2 NMT, Accuracy ROSU 0.37 %RSD, Recovery 99.59% and CLOP 0.18 %RSD, recovery 100.41% was show good efficacy and results. The methods indicate Future scope in analysis quality control of the estimation of ROSU and CLOP for routine drug quality analysis investigation.


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