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Phytosome, Phospholipids, Bioavaibility, flavonoids, herbosomes


Novel Drug Delivery System in the field of medicine had taken a popular attention now a day as it makes the intake, bioavaibility and overall therapeutics of a drug easier and in short period of time. In recent times the emerging technology of drug delivery and drug targeting is also being applied to Phytopharmaceuticals. In current herbal drugs have been widely used because of their less side effects, cost effectiveness and easy availability. Current review deals one of the herbal Novel Drug Delivery System i.e. Phytolipid Delivery System Phytosomes are recently introduced herbal formulations that are better absorbed, and as a result produce better bioavailability and actions than the conventional phytomolecules or botanical extracts. The term “Phyto” means plant while “some” means cell-like. It is also often known as herbosomes. Phytosome technology has been effectively used to enhance the bioavailability of many popular herbal extracts and can be developed for various therapeutic uses or dietary supplements.


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