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  • Mote G.D ArvindGavali College of Pharmacy,Jaitapur, Satara-415004,Maharashtra(India)


Valsartan, Effervescent Tablet .HPMC K 15 M, HPMC K 100 M, CARBAPOL 934 P


The oral dosage forms are the most popular way of taking medication despite  having  some  disadvantages  like  slow  absorption  and  thus  onset  of  action  is prolong.  The tabletswere successfully prepared by direct compression method. The preparation process was simple, reliable, and inexpensive.  The flow properties of all the prepared formulations were good as indicated by low angle of repose and low compressibility index. The housner’s ratio of the all formulations is less than 1.18 which indicates that good flow property. The  good  flow  properties  suggested  that  the  powder  produced  were non aggregated. The same  concentration  of  gas  generating  agent  like  Sodium  bicarbonate  and three different formulation contain three different polymers(F1-HPMC K15M, F2 HPMCK100M,F3­­­­­­­CARBAPOL934 P)  were found to affect on  the tablet  evaluation  parameters like in vitro drug release.FTIR of Valsartan with excipients shown good compatibility and finely FTIR of optimized formulation showed no changes in the functional group of Valsartan. In vitro drug release of effervescent tablet of valsartan shown that the formulation F1 was found to be the best formulation as it releases 83.49 %.


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