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  • Poonam V. Gondkar Sanjivani college of pharmaceutical education and research, Kopargoan, Dist-Ahemdnager
  • Vishal V. Pande Sanjivani college of pharmaceutical education and research, Kopargoan, Dist-Ahemdnager


Surge Dose, immediate release, Drug Delivery


Oral drug delivery is the most widely utilized route of administration among all the routes. Pharmaceutical products designed for oral delivery are mainly immediate release type or conventional drug delivery systems, which are designed for immediate release of drug for rapid absorption. These immediate release dosage forms have some limitations such as: Drugs with short half-life requires frequent administration, a typical peak-valley plasma concentration-time profile, may lead to precipitation of adverse effects especially of a drug with small therapeutic index. In order to overcome the drawbacks of conventional drug delivery systems, several technical advancements have led to the development of controlled drug delivery system that could revolutionize method of medication and provide a number of therapeutic benefits. But in present day numerous disorders emerges instantly like asthma assault, early morning surge in Blood pressure (B.P), which stop the patient life. So to control such disorders it important to treat it promptly at the ideal time. A novel innovation Surge delivery which upgrades medicate delivery performance to accomplish compelling plasma levels quicker and all the more reliably, ordinarily "double the efficacy in a fraction of the time". This has been shown in human Surge Dose tablets are intended to be absorb more like a solution as the medication will quickly break down in the stomach substance after oral organization regardless of gastric pH and motility. This implies dissolve medication quickly achieves the small digestive system and is accessible for ingestion.


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