Effect of polymers on progesterone Implants for estrus synchronization in livestock


  • Mohammed Majid Iqbal School of Pharmacy OPJS University, Churu. Rajasthan
  • Anil Kumar Middha School of Pharmacy OPJS University, Churu. Rajasthan


Progesterone, Ethyl Cellulose, Cellulose Acetate, Chitosan, livestock, Implants


In the present study, rod shaped (3mm diameter and 10 mm length) implants of progesterone were made by extrusion method, for estrus synchronization in livestock.  A stainless steel extruder named as Galaxy Extruder has specially been designed for this purpose. The polymers used were Ethyl Cellulose, Cellulose Acetate and Chitosan in various ratios along with plasticizer and channeling agent. The implants were tested for uniformity of diameter, weight, drug content & FTIR. The in-vitro drug release in 10 ml of 50% Polyethylene glycol 400: water as dissolution fluid. The drug concentration in every dissolution fluid was analyzed spectrophotometrically at 252 nm. The different polymers gives different time interval for progesterone release. EC4 gives 96.145 up to 19 days, CA4 gives 96.24% up to 15 days and C2 gives 95.64% up to 9 days. The result of stability studies revealed no changes in physical appearance, drug content and in-vitro dissolution profiles, thus indicating that progesterone implants was stable.


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