Thermal And X Ray Crystallographic Study in Formulations


  • Rasika Walunj Department of pharmaceutics, modern college of pharmacy ( for ladies) moshi, Pune, India
  • Komal Falake Department of pharmaceutics, modern college of pharmacy ( for ladies) moshi, Pune, India


Incompatibility, Excipient, Thermal analysis, X ray Diffraction


Thermal techniques and X ray crystallography are useful techniques that have been successfully applied in the pharmaceutical industry to reveal important information regarding the physicochemical properties of drug and excipient molecules such as polymorphism, stability, purity, formulation compatibility among others and used to determine the arrangement of atoms of a crystalline solid in three dimensional spaces respectively. In pharmaceutical   industries drug excipient physicochemical characterization is a systematic approach towards design of therapeutically active and stable dosage forms. For high resolution were used to get an insight on solid state properties of the drug and evaluate drug-excipient compatibility this analytical techniques are mainly used. This article contains considerations and interpretation of the graphical data obtained from these techniques.


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