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Nanoparticles, drug delivery system, Nanostructured lipid carriers, Hot & cold pressure homogenization


The Solid lipid nanoparticles were developed in the early 1990s and up today they hfdave been considered as to be promising the drug delivery systems. The aim is to give a sustained release profile to corporated the active substances. The SLN are the submicron colloidal carriers ranging from 50 to 1000 nm it is composed of the physiological lipids dispersed in the water or in liquid surfactant solutions. SLNs combine with the advantages to avoid the drawbacks of several colloidal carriers, Potential disadvantages such as poor drug loading capacity, drug expulsion after polymeric transition during storage and relatively high water content of the dispersions have been observed. The main disadvantages are the limitation of lipid concentration in the organic solvent to form desirable particles and the use of organic solvents. The method is appropriate especially in the encapsulation of thermo sensitive APIs because of the absence of any thermal stress. The Essential oil extracted from Artemisia arboreseens when in corporated in solid lipid nanoparticles were able to reduce the rapid evaporation compared with emulsions and the systems have been used in agriculture as a suitable carrier of ecologically safe pesticides.


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