Formulation and biological evaluation of some Herbal hair nourishing formulations


  • Rashmi Saxena Pal Assistant Professor,Pharmacy Deptt,PSIT, UP, India
  • Yogendra Pa1 Assistant Professor,Pharmacy Deptt,PSIT, UP, India
  • Dr.Vijender Singh Director, BBS Instt.of Pharmaceutical & Allied Sciences, UP, India
  • Dr.Pranay Wal Director, BBS Instt.of Pharmaceutical & Allied Sciences, UP, India


hair, oil, herbs, cosmetics, formulation, evaluation


Cosmetics are being used on a large scale for its various utilities in day–to-day life. Mankind uses various products to enhance beauty and elegance to look young and charming. Now a days, herbal cosmetic are widely used because of the belief that they have fewer side effects and better safety along with a longer shelf life.. Hair is one of the primary parts of the body which acts as a protective appendage. The objective of the present work is to formulate hair nourishing preparations for general purpose (daily use) using alcoholic and aqueous extracts of various herbs. The formulations were evaluated for their efficacy and were tested on rabbits to determine the best formulation among them from the hair growth promotion point of view.


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