A Research on the physico-chemical aspects of commonly used Herbal Hair oil preparations


  • Rashmi Saxena Pal Pharmacy Department, PSIT, Kanpur U.P. India
  • Yogendra Pal Pharmacy Department, PSIT, Kanpur U.P. India


Herbal hair oil, Physicochemical parameters, Herbal formulations, BIS


Hair are the appendages from the body which are protective in nature. It is derived from the ectodermal layer of the skin. It consists of three zones: cuticle, cortex and medulla. Keratin is a collagenous protein that makes hair. Melanin is the principle pigment responsible for the colour of human hair. Hair nourishment and grooming aids have become increasingly popular throughout the world. All natural nourishing preparations to treat the problem  of  dry scalp and hair combines the use of various  herbal oil extracts . Herbal formulations are always preferred  because of their good activity and comparatively lesser or nil side effects as compared to the  synthetic drugs. Present study was conducted to standardize the selected herbal hair oils for their physicochemical properties, i.e. colour, odour, pH, specific gravity, acid value, peroxide value and saponification value. The results  of the study showed that the test oil  complies with the requirements for physicochemical parameters as  prescribed by BIS.


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