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Zika virus, Flavi virus, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes


Zika fever is mainly caused by zika virus is a mainly Aedes aegypti -flavivirus it is closely related to the dengue virus, because of zika virus is mostly obtained in African countries are effected very much. This virus is easily spreading through the mosquitoes and sexual interactions and sometimes blood changing from any person effected  by this fever immediately they are got some rashes on the surface of the body and may chances to get Redness  of eye and fever etc.,  any pregnant women affected by the zika it may chance to effected to the foetus also because of the baby head will be going to abnormally decreased the baby peritoneal. For this zika virus there is no medicine are available just now. so must be take some precautions used in zika fever its one of the present dangers disease in the world.


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