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Medicated Wafer, Flash release, film former


In the rising of the hassle for developing a dosage form to improve the patient convince and compliance the particularly drug delivery system. Because of its small size and thickness of a wafer contain the other dosage form is the most acceptable and pleasant. The release of oral wafers is the drug delivery system is an alternative approach of the tablets, capsules, and the liquid oral dosage forms for pediatric and geriatric patients. The most effective attachment with the buccal layers contains buccal wafers as a convenient and suitable dosage form. The semi synthetic and synthetic natural polymer can be used for the preparation of buccal wafers these dosage forms are mostly preferred by patient because of easy handling, effective cost, fast absorption, non-irritating. In oral cavity after the contact of saliva when compared to fast dissolving tablets, it improves the efficacy of the APIs by dissolving within minutes, without chewing and no need of water for administration.


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