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arginine, nitric oxide, scatchard plot, amino acid


The amino acid arginine is an important building block of proteins. Although it can be manufactured by the body with proper nutrition (i.e. it is a ‘non-essential’ amino acid), studies showing it to be involved in a number of important functions in the human body have led to the increased popularity of arginine nutritional supplements. Arginine creates nitric oxide in the body and helps improve blood flow and maintain a proper nitrogen balance. The visible spectra of some transitional metals Cu, Fe (II),Fe(III),Cr, Mn, Ni have been studied individually in presence of L-arginine with varying amounts .The spectra are also studied for the effect of varying amounts of metal ion on L-arginine. To observe how arginine itself acts on transitional metal ions. The evaluation of these spectra is carried out for its binding parameters with the help of scatchard plots. The work has revealed certain very significant and interesting data which can have a lot of bearing on many chemical, biological and environmental aspects. It is observed that even arginine is capable of changing some transitional properties of metal ions.


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