Recent Advancements in Tablet Technology: The need of hour


  • Ankit Verma Department of Pharmaceutics, CT institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Sahapur, Jalandhar, India.
  • Surya Prakash Gautam Department of Pharmaceutics, CT institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Sahapur, Jalandhar, India.
  • Tapsya Gautam Department of Pharmaceutics, CT institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Sahapur, Jalandhar, India.
  • Sukhbir Kaur Department of Pharmaceutics, CT institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Sahapur, Jalandhar, India.
  • Kapil Kanwar Department of Pharmaceutics, CT institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Sahapur, Jalandhar, India.


Tablet in Tablet, Layered Tablets, Caplets


In this era of innovation and advancement in drug delivery for better clinical effects conventional dosages form have still a strong grip and most popular in all kinds of medicinal preparation intended for oral use. To satisfy the need of growing market tablets dosages form have incorporated automation in manufacturing and some advanced tablet types. Modified release tablet formulations including, layered tablets such as In-lay tablet, Bi-layered tablet, Medicated chewing gum, Tablet tarts, Pastilles, Lollipop, Tablet inserts, Clinicaps, Caplets, Child ecstasy tablet and Tablet in tablet are new entries in pharmaceutical market. This review highlights the current advancements and patents in tablet technology.


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