Viscometric properties of triglycine in different aqueous solu-tions of NaNO3, KNO3, Mg(NO3)2?6H2O at T =(288.15-318.15)K


  • R. P. Singh Grewala Department of Applied Chemistry, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College (GNDEC), Ludhiana141006, Punjab, India.
  • Vaneet Dhirb Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, G.H.G Khalsa College, GurusarSadhar 141104, Punjab, India.


Viscometric measurements for triglycine in water and in NaNO3, KNO3 and Mg(NO3)2?6H2O at concentration range (0.25-2.0)mol?kg-1   have been done using  Ubbelhode viscometer at four different constant temperatures (288.15,298.15, 308.15 and 318.15)K. Viscosity B thermodynamic parameter has been calculated using Jone-Dole equation from relative viscosity. The transfer ?t B factor has provided the net change in values of B before and after addition of different nitrates.  The effect of temperature and the addition of different nitrates at four different temperatures have carefully studied and approach is being made to compare and contrast the difference in the behavior of these nitrates using viscometric approach.   The increase of B-values with increasing NaNO3, KNO3 and Mg(NO3)2?6H2O  molality reveals that this electrolyte gains a progressively more structured environment. The salt-triglycine and salt-water interactions enhance the overall structure of the solvent resulting in the increased viscosity B-coefficient with increase in salt molality.


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Vaneet Dhirb, Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, G.H.G Khalsa College, GurusarSadhar 141104, Punjab, India.

research scholar, i.k. gujral punjab technical university, jalandhar-kapurthala highway, kapurthala 144601, punjab , india


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