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Qader G.I., Ahmed Z.A.1and Hussain S.A.*
The side effects of the currently used anti-inflammatory agents are the major problem during their clinical use; therefore, development of newer, more effective and safe anti-inflammatory drugs is necessary. The present study evaluates the antiinflammatory activity of quercetin in animal models of chronic and granulomatous inflammation.Forty-eight rats were used to induce chronic inflammation in the hind paw with formalin and granulomatous inflammation with sterile cotton-wool pellets. The anti-inflammatory activity of quercetin (150 mg/kg, P.O) was evaluated in the two models, and compared with that produced by dexamethasone (1 mg/kg, P.O). Quercetin decreased significantly the formation of exudate and granulation tissue compared with the vehicle, but still significantly lower than that produced by dexamethasone. In conclusion, quercetin inhibits the production of edema and granulation tissue in animal models of chronic and granulomatous inflammation;it could be a potential choice for the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders.
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