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Volume : 7 Issue :6 Month : November (2019)
Page Numbers : 61-64

A Concise Review on Microspheres for Targeted Drug Delivery

Mr.Akashdeep Udmale* ,Rajpurohit Ranjula.J, Ansari Aas Moahmmed B, Dr. V .H. Bhaskar , Dr. Smita Nayak
Most of the recent dosage forms have poor pharmacokinetic and biopharmaceutical proper-ties. Hence there is need to develop a suitable delivery system that distributes the active drug molecule only to the site of action, without affecting other tissue or organs. Targeted drug delivery is a method of delivering drugs to the patients at the targeted site or the site of action. This improves efficacy of treatment by reducing side effects of the drug administered. The inhe-rent advantages of this techniques lead to reduc-tion in dose of drug as well as reduced side ef-fects. Various drug carriers which can be used in this advanced delivery system are Lipoproteins, Liposomes, Microspheres. The present review deals with the targeted drug delivery system, its advantages, disadvantages, need of Targeted drug delivery system and research update on Targeted drug delivery system.
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