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Volume : 7 Issue :5 Month : October (2019)
Page Numbers : 38-48

Literature Survey On Influence Of Mobile Waves On Rats

*Rahul Langde, Vaibhav Shende, Dhammadip C. Nandgaye
The electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation and the biological effect on the growth in the use of cellular phone has raised the concerns about the possible interaction between human tissue or rats , particularly the brain and the human im-mune system. These concerns have induced a large volume of research studies. However, most of the previous studies are concentrated and no published work took in consideration all possible effects of cell phone radiation on human tissues or rats. This review will provide answers for public concerns about the risk of using cell phone. Our conclusion shows that long-term exposure to EMF radiation from a cell phone could cause health effects, such as brain cancer. Some positive health effect due to the exposure to the EMF radiation such as improve bone healing and reduce toxic effect of chemotherapy are highlighted. Finally, some studies have also showed no effect due to exposure to EMF. More long-term studies and analysis are much needed.
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