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Volume : 6 Issue :11 Month : November (2018)
Page Numbers : 610-613

Measurement Of Dementia Using Medicinal Plants For Cognitive Impairment

S.Alagendran*, N.Pushpa, D. Arul Bala-chandran
Dementia is a condition that is more widespread in aged. It involves a decline in their ability to think, or cognition, and memory. The present study was conducted to evaluate the presence of bioanalytes using different methods in the edible part extracts of Tinospora cordiofolia by ELISA method. Enzymatic assay of esterase, choline esterase and acetylcholine esterase were detected as 36.67, 17.43 and 65.45 % in triplicates assay. Analysis of the edible parts leaves Tinospora cordiofolia confirmed the presence of total phenolics content were found to be greater in support of drug development against deficits of learning and memory. Our finding suggests that leaves parts use in Tinospora cordiofolia are proficient with redox potentials, immunostimulation and for cognitive impairment.
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