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Volume : 6 Issue :4 Month : April (2018)
Page Numbers : 439-445

Dendrimers: A Platform for Novel Drug Delivery System

Gorkhe YS*, Pande VV, Autade RR
The review majorly based on four areas i.e., arc-hitecturing, synthesis, properties & applications of dendrimer. The dendrimers having unique architectural design of high degree of branching, multivalency, globular architecture and well defined molecular weight which distinguishesthis structure is unique and optimum nanocarriersin medical applications such as drug delivery, gene delivery, tumor therapy,diagnostic etc. It has some synthetic approaches lead to a dendritic architecture with properties complaisant to modification of shape, size, polarity,surface properties & internal structure.Nanoparticle drug delivery system is popular once are able to increase the stability and selectivity of therapeutic agents. The reticuloendothelial system (RES) uptake drug leakage, cytotoxicity, immunogenicity, hemolytic toxicity, hydrophobicity restrict the use of these nanostructure.And these problems are overcome by surface engineering the dendrimers such as, polyester dendrimer, citric acid dendrimer, argining dendrimer, glycol dendrimers, PEGlyated dendrimers, etc. The bioactive agents can be easily encapsulated in to the interior of the dendrimers and are chemically attached such as conjugated or physically absorbed onto the dendrimer surface,serving the desired properties of the carrier to the specific needs of active material and its therapeutic applications.In addition to supplying a multivalent backbone for drug attachment, dendrimers also provide access for various new polymer architectures that are po-tentially relevant to drug delivery applications.
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