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Volume : 6 Issue :4 Month : April (2018)
Page Numbers : 435-438

Elucidation of in vitro anti-inflammatory activity Of Achyranthes aspera (L.) By HRBC Membrane Stabilization Method

Thafshila Aafrin AM, Anuradha, R.
The whole plant extract of Achyranthes aspera were assessed for in vitro anti-inflammatory activity by HRBC membrane stabilization method. The presence of flavanoids has been reported earlier in Achyranthes aspera. Since the flavanoids have remarkable anti-inflammatory activity, so the present work aims at evaluating the anti-inflammatory activity of Achyranthes aspera. Different concentrations (100,200, 300μg/ml) of extract were compared against standard Diclofenac sodium. Maximum stabilization in our study of aqueous extract is 98.85% and ethanolic extract is 98.95% at 300μg/ml. Therefore, our studies support the use of Achyranthes aspera in treating inflammation. Further investigations are anticipated to identify the active components and lead to their further clinical use.
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