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Volume : 6 Issue :3 Month : March (2018)
Page Numbers : 425-434

Development And Validation Of HPLC Method For The Determination Of Suvorexant In Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Sriram Siddhartha, Tata Santosh, J Vijaya Ratna*
The present experiment was focused in developing an accurate and precise method for the estimation of Suvorexant in pharmaceutical Tablet dosage form. The mobile phase consisted of 65:35 % (v/v) of Methanol & 0.1% orthophosphoric acid solution operated on isocratic mode. The flow rate is 1.0 ml/min. Chromatographic determination of Suvorexant was performed on Agilent Zorbax 300oA Extend-C18 column (150 X 4.6 mm id, 5Ám). The wavelength of detection is 248 nm. The injection volume is 20ÁL. The retention time of Suvorexant is 5.50 ▒ 0.10 minutes. The method was validated as per ICH guidelines and has been successfully used for the estimation in tablet dosage forms.
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