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Volume : 6 Issue :3 Month : March (2018)
Page Numbers : 419-424

Antimicrobial Activity Of Methanolic Extract Of Spathodea Campanulata Against Bacterial Pathogens

Devika K*, M Menakha
The antibacterial activity of methanol stem bark of Spathodea campanulata was investigated by testing the extracts against Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the methanol extract was determined against the two bacteria strains by using the disc diffusion method. Four different concentrations of S. campanulata such as (100 l/ml, 200 /ml, 400 l/ml) were prepared. After incubation for 24 hrs, the zone of inhibition was compared with standard antibiotics streptomycin (100 g/ml).The present results revealed that the maximum zone of inhibition was observed in E.coli (mm) of 200 g/ml concentration when compared to control. The result significantly paves the way for further application of Spathodea campanulata stem bark waste as antibacterial materials.
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