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Volume : 6 Issue :2 Month : February (2018)
Page Numbers : 332-338

Pompanopeptin BAn Ideal Drug For Treating Thyroid Cancer

Sangeetha M*, Menakha.M, S.Vijaya kumar
Thyroid cancer is a common endocrine related cancer with a higher incidence in women than in men. Thyroid tumors are classified on the basis of their histopathology as papillary, follicular, medullary, and undifferentiated or anaplastic. Thyroid hormone receptor alpha 1, (THRA1) is responsible for the development of tumour and resistance to chemotherapy. The side effects of the available drugs make the need for the necessity of new improved drugs. Cyanobacterial resource offers a great scope for discovery of new drugs for cancer. Cyanobacterial novel bioactive compounds with unique biological activities may be useful in finding the potential drugs with greater efficacy, specificity for the treatment of human diseases. The aim of the present study was to predict the anticancer drug from the members of the cyanobacteria. In silico molecular docking was carried out between the cyanobacterial bioactive compounds, and thyroid cancer causing receptor. The highest energy value was produced by the Pompanopeptin B with thyroid hormone receptor alpha 1. From the above results, it is concluded that Pompanopeptin B, an ideal cyanobacterial drug can be employed as axbest drug for treating thyroid cancer without any side effects.
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