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Volume : 6 Issue :2 Month : February (2018)
Page Numbers : 342-351

Invitro Antiproliferative Effect Of Marine Macroalgae On Different Human Cancer Cell Lines

Surendra Naidu Donapaneedi, Suresh K. A, Kajal Chakraborty, Lokanatha Valluru*
Natural compounds from marine ecosystem constitute the most promising source of novel bioactive compounds with potential function in human therapeutics and cancer treatment. Most importantly, marine algae were proved to be an important source of bioactive agents. The present study was aimed to evaluate the in vitro antiproliferative/anticancer properties of selected marine macroalgae extracts (n=34), derived from different species of brown and red marine macroalgae on lung cancer (NCI-H1975), prostate cancer (LnCaP), breast cancer (MCF7) and epidermoid cancer (A431) cell lines. The algae extracts were assayed for their anticancer properties on 4 human cancer cell lines using XTT cell proliferation assay. On screening of 34 algae extracts, the ethanol and water extract of brown algae Turbinaria ornata (S4 and S3) exhibited remarkably high anticancer activity on NCI-H1975 (lung) and LnCaP (prostate) cancer cells. Hence, the bioactive components from marine macroalgae might be used as potential therapeutic candidate against cancer.
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