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Volume : 6 Issue :2 Month : February (2018)
Page Numbers : 62-71

Analysis Of Aggravating Factors Of Heavy Metal Contents And Genotoxicity Of Soil Samples In Relation To Vehicular Emissions

Jagdeep Kaur Parihar, Yogesh B. Pakade, Jatinder Kaur Katnoria*
Genotoxicity of soil samples under exposure to vehicular emissions was evaluated using Trigonella foenum-graecum root chromosomal aberration assay (TfRAA) and pollen viability assay (PVA) for in vitro and in situ studies, respectively. For PVA, pollen grains of four common plant species (Cannabis sativa, Hamelia patens, Jatropha panduraefolia and Thevetia peruviana) growing at sites under study were stained using Alexanderís, Aceto-orcein, Lugolís and 2,3,5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) stains. TfRAA has shown the induction of physiological as well as clastogenic aberrations while PVA revealed that TTC stain induced maximum pollen variability. Heavy metals analysis revealed that all soil samples contained Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mn and Zn. Statistical analysis has shown that genotoxicity was found to be positively correlated to contents of Cr, Cu, Fe, and Pb as well as the pollen viability using Lugol staining method. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis of collected pollens did not show any significant structural variations.
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