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Volume : 6 Issue :1 Month : January (2018)
Page Numbers : 1-12

Mesoporous Silica: A Review

OB Pagar, HS Nagare, YM Chine, RR Autade, PR Narode, VM Sanklecha
Mesoporous silica is a mesoporous form of silica and a recent development in nanotechnology. The most common types of mesoporous nanoparticles are MCM-41 and SBA-15. Mesoporous materials consist of inorganic metal oxides, like silica or alumina, and have pore sizes in the range of between 2 and 50 nm. They are synthesized by using a surfactant forming regularly aligned assemblies that are used as a template for the metal oxide, followed by template removal. They are also water soluble, chemically and thermally stable with mechanical strength and are toxicologically safe. In this review focused on components of mesoporous silica and its mechanism of synthesis process.
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