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Volume : 6 Issue :1 Month : January (2018)
Page Numbers : 50-55

Estimation of Capscaicin content in Commercial chilli powders by HPLC and study of its functional properties

Rajeswari M, Tulasi P, Akhila G, Santosh Tata, Sandeep V Bhagavatula
Capsaicinoids are important in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The present study aimed to estimate the capscaicin content in three commercial brands of chilli powder by HPLC method. The functional properties of commercial chilli powder samples studied include determination of pungency of capsaicin in terms of schovelle heat value, gel formulation ability for topical application as pain reliever, litholytic properties and effect on oil stability for cooking purpose. The results revealed that the Capsaicin content of Brand 1 was found to be 0.13 g/100g when compared to Brand 2 (0.08 g/100gm) and Brand 3 (0.09 g/100gm). The pungency in terms of Scoville Heat Value(SHV) was found to be 20930 for Brand 1, 12880 for Brand 2 and 14490 for Brand 3 samples respectively. A good quality gel for topical application was formulated. The samples did not show liytholytic effect on renal stones and did not cause any stone dissolution. Thermal stability study has shown that the peroxide and acid values of cooking oil were found to be low when treated with commercial chilli powder extracts compared to control up on thermal degradation treatment for 72 hrs. Thus it can be concluded that commercial chilli powders have good amount of Capscaicin which also exhibits pungency properties, thermal degradation protection of cooking oils.
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