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Volume : 6 Issue :1 Month : January (2018)
Page Numbers : 45-49

Kosmoptropicity And Cheiotropicity Of Various Neutral Amino Acids In Water With The Temperature Range (T=288.15-318.15) K Using Cosphere Overlap Model

Vaneet Dhir*
Apparent molar volumes, V2, of glycine, DL-α-alanine, DL-α-amino-n-butyric acid, L-valine and L-leucine in water solutions have been determined from densities measurements at various temperatures (T= 288.15, 298.15, 308.15 and 318.15)K. The standard partial molar volumes, V20, obtained from V2, have been used to calculate on the basis of Mason equation. The structure making / breaking capacities of these amino acids in water have been discussed. The structure making/breaking capacities of these amino acids in water have also been discussed on the basis of Hepler equation.Apparent molar volumes of glycine in water as a function of concentration and density change at T=288.15K will be shown as octagon whereas the values at different corners while values of different densities shown at inner of octagon depicts apparent molar volumes with the change in concentration of glycine at fixed temperature T=288.15K. Similar observations were noted for other amino acids at different temperatures also. The values of glycine at different concentrations will show heptagonal pattern which means that density of solution varies with concentration as well as temperatures which further effect molar volumes.
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