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Volume : 5 Issue :12 Month : December (2017)
Page Numbers : 442-446

FT-IR Spectroscopic Studies on Synergistic Potential of Boerhavia diffusa and Tridax procumbens

A.Shanmugapriya and S.Maneemegalai
Medicinal plants are a significant part of natural wealth. They are the source of synthetic and traditional herbal medicine with an attention of greater number of people seeking ecofriendly and bio-friendly plant based products free from side effects caused by synthetic chemicals. The present study was aimed to identify the functional groups present in the ethanolic combination of Tridax procumbens (leaves) and Boerhavia diffusa (root) ethanolic extracts through UV and FT-IR spectroscopy. It is one of the most widely used methods to determine and elucidate the structure of the chemical constituents. The results of FT-IR analysis confirmed the presence of phenols, alkanes, aldehydes, alkynes, alkenes, aromatics, aromatic amines, alkyl halides, and aliphatic amines which showed major peaks at 3363.97, 2975.61, 2542.73, 2256.98, 1657.18, 1407.38, 1333.57, 1253.75, and 1230.63, respectively. The UV Visible spectrum showed different peaks ranging from 200-700 nm. The peaks at 221.85nm, 411.25nm and 664.50nm of the UV-VIS profile indicated the presence of Flavonoids, Terpenoids, and Chlorophyll. Hence the present study creates a platform to monitor various bioactive components to treat many diseases.
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