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Volume : 5 Issue :11 Month : November (2017)
Page Numbers : 419-422

Differential spectrophotometric method for estimation and validation of Verapamil in Tablet dosage form

Leena Trivedi, Roshan Telrandhe*, Disha Dhabarde
The aimed of current research to development of the simple, rapid and sensitive Differential spectrophotometric method for the estimation of Verapamil in tablet dosage form. In this method two medium was use acid and alkaline and the difference spectrum was calculated. 0.1N HCL and 0.1N NaOH was used in this differential method. The λmax 278, Beers law limits 5-25g/ml, regression equation Y= 0.024x-0.009, slope 0.024, intercept 0.09, correlation coefficient (r2) 0.998, %RSD <1.5, % Recovery (Tablet) 100.46% was shows the good efficacy and results. This method future scope in quality control of the verapamil in simple, precise and economically and it recommended for the routine drug quality analysis investigation.
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