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Volume : 5 Issue :12 Month : December (2017)
Page Numbers : 498-507

Formulation Development And Evaluation Of Colon Targetted Matrix Tablets Of Gliclazide

Sivakumar Kalidoss* Kailasam Koumaravelou
Gliclazide was formulated as a hydrophobic matrix sustained release tablet employing HPMC using different grade materials and the sustained release behavior of the fabricated tablet was investigated. Sustained release matrix tablets containing 60 mg Gliclazide were developed using different grade of HPMC combinations with coated enteric coating polymers like Eudragit L100 and S100 were used as coating materials. The tablets were prepared by wet granulation technique. The physical properties were found to be satisfactory for all the formu-lae.The formulation was optimized on the basis of acceptable tablet properties and in vitro drug release. The resulting formulation produced monolithic tablets with optimum hardness, uniform thickness, consistent weight uniformity and low friability. Statistically significant differences were found among the drug release profile from different HPMC combination matrices. The in vitro study revealed that combining of HPMC (Methocel K100LV-CR Premium (IF10805), HPMC K4M and use of Dibasic Calcium Phosphate as filler sustained the action more than 12 h. The developed sustained release matrix tablet of improved effi-cacy can perform therapeutically better than a conventional tablet.
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