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Volume : 5 Issue :12 Month : December (2017)
Page Numbers : 483-497

Recent Advances in Therapeutic Targets of Tardive Dyskinesia

Shilpa Rani,* Kanika Sahore
Tardive dyskinesia is a hyperkinetic neurodegenerative movement disorder which is severe, debilitate, unrealized and everlasting mainly arises after prolong medication with Dopamine antagonist. The pathophysiology mechanisms of TD mainly consist of dopamine receptor super sensitivity, GABA depletion, cholinergic deficiency, neurotoxicity, changes in synaptic plasticity, and defective neuroadaptive signaling. Tardive dyskinesia is a progressive and potentially irreversible condition which mainly correlates to adverse of dopamine antagonism leading to neurodegeneration and movement disorders like Pill rolling movements of fingers, lip puckering, facial grimacing. Their recurrent factors could allow classify tardive dyskinesia according to their potential, beneficial targets so that it may be used for further initial interventions which are necessary. The focus of this article is a pathophysiology of and an understanding the complex cascade of secondary neurodegeneration.
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