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Volume : 5 Issue :12 Month : December (2017)
Page Numbers : 475-482

Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method For Simultaneous Determination Of Rosuvastatin And Clopidogrel In Tablet Dosage Form

Harshana Rothekar, Roshan Telrandhe*, Prasad Jumade
The aimed of research the method development and validation by RP-HPLC method of the Rosu-vastatin calcium and Clopidogrel bisulphate. The method is a simple, accurate, specific, precise, reproducible and sensitive. The λ max of ROSU and CLOP was found to be 240nm. Coefficient correlation 0.999, Beers Law limit 50-150 g/ml, from the four trial of different concentration of mobile phase was selected Methanol:Water 80:20 v/v, pH 3.0 at 240nm, flow rate 1ml/min, sample inlet 20 L, C 18 Prontosil, %RSD of ROSU 1.017 and CLOP 0.173, theoretical plates ROSU 7797.53 and ROSU 8257.53, Retention time ROSU 3.483min and CLOP 4.983min, Tailing factor ROSU 1.1787 and CLOP 1.074, limits 2 NMT, Accuracy ROSU 0.37 %RSD, Recovery 99.59% and CLOP 0.18 %RSD, recovery 100.41% was show good efficacy and results. The methods indicate Future scope in analysis quality control of the estimation of ROSU and CLOP for routine drug quality analysis investigation.
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