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Volume : 5 Issue :10 Month : October (2017)
Page Numbers : 406-410

Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Toothpaste: Compared With Marketed Preparation

Pavan Deshmukh, Roshan Telrandhe*, Mahendra Gunde
The aimed of current research to formulate herbal toothpaste utilizing plant extract like Neem leaves, Guava leaves, Cinnamon bark other ingredient are Camphor, Honey. The plant extract ingredient posses the anti-bacterial. The herbal toothpaste formulated which can satisfy all the required condition to keep the mouth fresh and prevent tooth decay by bacteria. The formulated herbal toothpaste compared with marketed preparation. Physical examination: Colour-greenish brown, smooth in nature, relative density-10.2, pH-8.2, Extrudability-90.37, spredability- Good and stable formulation. The anti-microbial evaluation against Staphylococcus aureus reveal that formulated herbal tooth paste exhibited notable activity with ZOI of 19.7 mm at MIC of 25μg/mL. the outcome of this research herbal toothpaste shows equal patronizing and engrossing passion over the marketed preparation it was consider after the comparing the marketed preparation(Colgate, Dabour Red, Dantkanti) with formulated herbal toothpaste. It has been good scope in future dental research and detal health of public.
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