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Volume : 5 Issue :10 Month : October (2017)
Page Numbers : 399-405


Bhabani Shankar Nayak*, Subham Sourajit, Manaswini Palo, Subhasmita Behera
In some acute disease cases, medication requires rapid onset of action. Sublingual drug delivery is considered to be a promising route for faster and direct absorption of drug into systemic circulation. In buccal cavity, sublingual area is most permeable for drug absorption. The portion of drug absorbed through the sublingual blood vessels bypasses the hepatic first-pass metabolism, which leads to greater bioavailability with better patient compliance. New sublingual technologies offers many pharmaceutical and patient needs, that are enhanced life-cycle management to convenient dosing for pediatric, geriatric, and psychiatric patients with dysphagia. The objective of this study to demonstrate a complete approach of sublingual drug delivery system with both conventional and novel approach with its current and future approaches.
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