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Volume : 5 Issue :5 Month : May (2017)
Page Numbers : 161-176

Review On Chemistry And Pharmacological Significance Of Triazole Derivatives

Sonawane M.D.*, Narwate B.M., Darandale A.S.
Triazole constitutes an important class of biologi-cally active heterocyclic compounds that have received a great deal of attention of chemists, biologists, technologists and other specialists since their discovery. In recent years, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fertility, anti-tubercular activity, antimicrobial activities, anti-cancer and anti-corrosion properties of triazoles have been published. Triazole is a unique moiety that is responsible for various biological active ties. This article highlighted Chemistry and research work of many researchers reported in literature for different pharmacological activities on synthesized Triazole.
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